CCBC ride to CicLAvia

6 Oct

With the help of Jim, I’m communicating with the SM Spoke folks who are leaving from the SM Pier @ 8:30 am. We would leave Media Park at 9am, with a route to take us to the Bike Kitchen. I did this route last year with Bikerowave and this location was an official stop with porta-potties, food trucks and t-shirts available here. The ride is a little under 8-1/2 miles and I figure we’d go it slow, about 8 – 10 mph as much of it is slightly up hill with a couple short climbs throughout.

Here’s the route:

If all goes well we might meet up with the SM Spoke ride at S. Cochran & W.6th street for the last four miles. That effort is still in discussion now.

Plan would be to meet at Media Park at 8:30 am and push off at 9 am. I’ll likely shoot to be at the park a bit earlier.

Steve Herbert

ps: This link is the proposed route SM Spoke is thinking of taking:

On Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 10:35 PM, Jim Shanman <jim> wrote:

Hope it all works out. Turns out, as of now anyway, I’m able to lead a ride home for anyone interested. My plan is to meet at the LACBC booth at 2 and head home from there.


On Oct 1, 2011, at 7:17 PM, Steve Herbert wrote:

Hi folks, just got back in town.

I’m still planning on heading up the ride, but would appreciate an additional leader/participant to be with me on this as lately I’ve had a large number of transmitter emergencies out in the deserts which require me to drop what I’m doing and head to the effected site. I’m not planning on this to happen, but want the show to go on, so to speak, in the event I do get called out.

I too wrote the bikerowave contact e-mail a few weeks ago and received no reply. I know that SM Spoke is planning a ride and I’m checking in with them to see what their route will be. It begins at 10am downtown and I’m thinking for Culver City we meet up at Media Park at 8:30am to depart at 9, heading east on Venice. Last year the bikerowave folks I road with, went up to Bike Kitchen and then on and about the route. We could do this or go straight down Venice &/or Washington to Central where another spoke of the route pokes out a couple blocks east.

I’m still checking to see if another group will pass by us or if we do this solo…but I will have the details together for posting by the end of Sunday.


On Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 2:13 PM, btreanor <btreanor> wrote:

I sent an email to Bikerowave recently, I’ll touch base when I hear
back from them (remember, however, I’ll be out of town for CicLAvia).


On Oct 1, 1:40 pm, Jim Shanman <j…> wrote:
> Yes, I believe Steve was heading up the group ride.
> Steve, please confirm and let’s set a time so we can announce it.

> Nice article Darren. Howard you’re up next (due Monday at noon),
> followed by me (10/10)
> Jim
> On Sep 30, 2011, at 5:36 PM, Meghan Sahli-Wells wrote:

> > Hola companeros,
> > Two folks have asked to be on our announcement list:

> > Demetrios Deligiorgis <Demetrios_Deligior…>, a Sony

> > employee
> > Douglas Smith <englishdougsm…>, the guy who helped with

> > the bike corral at the Moving Planet/Alt Trans Parade

> > I’ve inputted them in our Google contacts, but don’t know how to add
> > to the announcement list. Also, are people automatically getting our
> > blog posts? I do & think it’s great.

> > Is there a way of letting people sign on to our mailing list
> > directly from our website?
> > We said we’d do a ride from CC to Ciclavia. As this is coming up

> > very soon, we need to finalize & communicate. I believe someone was
> > going to contact Bikerowave to coordinate with them.
> > Finally, thanks for all your help on the Alt Trans parade – it was

> > wonderful! Special thanks to Darren for leading the ride, posting &
> > your great article!
> > Cheers & Happy Friday,
> > Meghan
> > ______________

> > (310)845-5831


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